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In order to enable Nigeria to benefit fully from the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) and take advantage of the opportunities it provides, the Nigerian ports are undergoing infrastructure reforms.

General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Communication of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Engr. Jatto Adeiza Adams stated that this would ensure smooth transmission of goods and investments through the ports. According to him, it would boost the trade relationship between Nigeria and other countries.

He explained the deplorable state of the ports in Nigeria has become a trade barrier, preventing connectivity, which is costly to companies depending on the ports for importing and exporting of goods, saying that upgrade of infrastructure will open up the nation’s ports for businesses. Adams said with the upgrade of infrastructure, and dredging of seaports, as well as the elimination of corruption, and manual processes in the sector, enormous opportunities would be recorded.

According to him, the changeover would engender effectiveness in Nigeria when the AfCFTA comes into full effect.

He said, “Investment in infrastructure will give the opportunity to link critical hinterlands with rails, waterways, rehabilitation of roads leading to the ports and deliberate policies put in place to improve the transport sector.

“All the investments in infrastructure with the signing of the AfCFTA are aimed at integrating the economy of the country and removing barriers”.

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